Deputy Kenny Fitzsimmons Saves a Young Man


During the 02.04.23 episode of On Patrol: Live, an Earlier in Richland County segment shows a scene from January 12th, 2023, featuring Corporal Kenny Fitzsimmons. On Patrol: Live cameras captured Corporal Kenny Fitzsimmons rescuing a man sitting on the edge of an interstate bridge in Columbia, South Carolina. Fitzsimmons says the 26-year-old man was sitting on the edge crying and staring at the traffic below.

Corporal Fitzsimmons stayed by the man’s side until his father arrived. The young man never said a word, but he listened to what Fitzsimmons was telling him.

“I was letting him know that he is not alone. I even started opening up and giving my own personal experiences. I’ve got military experience, I’ve dealt with PTSD, and I’ve gone through a lot of my own demons. I still have my own demons, but you just got to not give up. That is the main thing: don’t give up.”

Fitzsimmons says deputies are trained to deal with suicide situations, but in moments like these, it is the love and care that comes from the heart that helps the most. “I just happened to have a camera crew with me that day. That is probably the fourth or fifth person I’ve pulled off a bridge.”

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Tonia Beaird
Tonia Beaird
1 year ago

OMG…You saved that young man’s life..
You are a true hero 🙌 I cried seeing you in action. Great Job.

3 months ago

If only I knew you when I needed someone who would have understood me.

Amy Snyder
Amy Snyder
1 month ago

I firmly believe that the Lord above put you in the right place at the right time to give this young man a second chance at life. You not only saved him physically but counseled him and helped him so much. You not only saved him but you spared the family of the hell and heartache of losing their son. God Bless you so much!