Deputy Kenny Fitzsimmons

Deputy Kenny Fitzimmons

Deputy Kenny Fitzsimmons is a sergeant with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department. Deputy Fitzimmons first appeared in Season 2 on Live PD – 07.28.18. He was later featured in On Patrol: Live Season 1.

Before joining Richland County in 2018, Kenny Fitzsimmons served in the U.S. Military. Fitzsimmons was promoted to the rank of sergeant in October 2023.

On January 12th, 2023, On Patrol Live captured Corporal Kenny Fitzsimmons rescuing a man sitting on the edge of an interstate bridge in Columbia, SC. Fitzsimmons says the 26-year-old male was sitting on the edge crying and staring at the traffic below.  Fitzsimmons stayed by the man’s side until his father arrived.

In January 2024, Deputy Fitzsimmons was awarded the South Carolina Sheriff’s Association’s Medal of Valor award.