Officer Kelsey Gembala

Kelsey Gembala is an officer with the Beech Grove Police Department in Indiana. Officer Gembala has served with Beech Grove since 2020.

Gembala grew up in Cedar Grove, Indiana. Later attending Indiana University Bloomington, where she received a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. She later received a Master’s Degree in Public Administration.

Officer Gembala started her career in law enforcement with the City of Rockford Police Department. Later working for the City of Indianapolis, before starting with Beech Grove.

In her social media, Officer Gembala described why she started a career in law enforcement.

My love of helping others and serving my community led me to my discovery of a career in public service, a role which has truly allowed me to express my passion. I never dreamed of becoming a law enforcement professional; however, it has allowed me to develop a vast array of skills and qualifications that help me to help others more each and every day.