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I didn't know "live PD" was airing again . This is the only "cop" show I ever liked. Kind of scares me though . Ive always lived way in the wilderness . Nearest store an hour drive ,No Big Gulps here . When I see these shows first think I think "Is all this stuff for REAL? 2nd WHY do people live like this ? 3. Theres a lot weird people out there and 4] Jasmine McQuade has got to be THE MOST  AWESOME Police Officer out there . I just adore her  She puts people at ease, explains why she pulled them over clearly and calmly and gives a lot of warnings . Honestly , I would think that these warnings have bigger impact then tickets . On everybody . Police included . I live in an area where the police know everybody in town , their  kids play on the baseball team , wife is the local hairdresser. They just want to raise their families in a safe enviornment ."Country Cops"  The cities are an entire different situation and I dont blame them one bit for being a little nervous . It's wrong what some of these governments have done , tying police hand's behind their backs . WHY would they do this ? Still not sure what channel you guys are on . Ran across you on the ROKU . Just wanted to say "wooot Live PD  back on!"  🙂 

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