Everett Police Department

The Everett Police Department is a leading law enforcement agency in Washington. It prioritizes community-oriented policing, partnering with residents to improve quality of life and reduce crime. Integrity, professionalism, and honor are its core values. The department actively engages with residents and offers exceptional service to the city. Chief John DeRousse, appointed in late 2023, leads the department.

Everett, the heart of Snohomish County, Washington, thrives as a diverse city of nearly 115,000 residents. Just 25 miles north of Seattle, it boasts The Boeing Company alongside a strong network of high-tech and manufacturing businesses. Cassie Franklin, the city’s first female mayor elected in 2018, currently leads Everett.

The Everett Police Department joined On Patrol: Live during Season 2 on Friday, June 14th, 2024. This is the first time a Washington state police department will be featured on the show. “We have one of the best police departments in the state,” says Mayor Cassie Franklin. “This is a chance for people to see our officers’ dedication and the positive culture we’ve built.”

“I’m thrilled our officers will be featured,” says Police Chief John DeRousse. “This is a chance to show the country how our officers handle tough situations while living up to our department’s mission. We hope it inspires others to join our team.”

Being the first Washington department featured, Everett offers a unique local perspective on law enforcement, showcasing how they serve their community.