Live PD – 5th DUI

Deputy Michael Connelly with the Nye County Sheriff's Office stops a car for missing a stop sign and swerving on the road. But the deputy soon realizes this isn't...

Live PD – Loudmouth Trench Coat Guy

A Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy investigates a stolen car. A man gives himself away as a suspect by inserting himself into the investigation in this video from Live PD...

Live PD – Last Chance Dash

After he fails to talk himself out of an arrest, a man half-heartedly runs from Slidell Police officers in this clip from Live PD - 02.03.18.

Live PD – I’m Traveling Not Driving

In a video from Live PD Season 2, a driver tells an officer with the El Paso Police Department he didn't know he needed a license to "travel" in...

Live PD – Cocaine Corral

In this video from Live PD Season 2, Master Deputy Mike Baker with the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office responds to the aftermath of a shootout at a local hotel...

Live PD – Get Off My Dock Bro

In this video from Live PD Season 2, Deputy Mike Sentner with the Pasco County Sheriff's Office brings a K9 Unit to track a car thief with multiple warrants...

Live PD – Xanax Drop

In this video from Live PD - 10.21.17, Officer Aaron Olson with the Jeffersonville Police Department investigates a woman acting suspiciously when her car's plates are run through the...

Live PD – Meth Dealer Confessions

In this video from Live PD - 10.14.17, Officers from the Jeffersonville Police Department chat with a surprisingly talkative meth dealer as they search his car and person in...

Live PD – Begging to be Arrested

In this video from Live PD - 06.29.18, officers from the El Paso Police Department respond to a 911 caller that hung up. Officers find a young man engaging...

Live PD – State Trooper Down

Officers with the Jeffersonville Police Department responded to reports that a state trooper has been shot in the head and work to apprehend a suspect in this clip from...

Latest Episodes

Live PD – A for Effort

In this video from Live PD - 03.06.20, Corporal Robert Furgal with the Richland County Sheriff's Department responds to a civil disturbance at a...

Sheriff Leon Lott Says Live PD Coming Back

Richland County Sheriff's Department Leon Lott said Live PD is coming back. Sheriff Lott was speaking at the Greater Cayce - West Columbia Chamber...

Live PD – Mr. Nasty No License

A driver with a suspended license gets mouthy when a Jeffersonville Police Department officer asks him to provide proof that he's able to drive...

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