Live PD – Bar Bash in Nye

In this video from Live PD - 03.03.18, Lt. Eric Murphy with the Nye County Sheriff's Office responds to a call about a man bashing the windows of a...

Live PD – Get out of the Car

In this video from Live PD - 07.13.18, a Warwick Police Department officer stops a car for weaving around, he asks the driver to get out after smelling alcohol...

Live PD – Breath Too Fresh

In this clip from Live PD - 03.02.18, deputies Steven Tapler and Garo Brown with the Richland County Sheriff's Office search a vehicle that was left with the doors...

Live PD – Six Warrants, Zero Worries

In this Season 2 video clip from Live PD - 02.02.18, Nye County Sheriff's Office deputies stopped a man with a lot of warrants and no concerns.

Live PD – Let Me Speak to Your Supervisor

Deputies with the Pinal County Sheriff's Office pull over a man who was driving on a suspended license, and are confused as to why he vehemently refuses to let...

Live PD – StarChase on a Stolen Caddy

While trying to catch up with a stolen vehicle, Deputy Mike Baker, with the Gwinnett County Sheriffs Department, is forced to deploy a high-tech GPS tracker called StarChase onto the...

Live PD – Meth Dealer Confessions

In this video from Live PD - 10.14.17, Officers from the Jeffersonville Police Department chat with a surprisingly talkative meth dealer as they search his car and person in...

Live PD – Heroin Bust in Utah

In this video from Live PD - 10.20.17, officers from the Utah Highway Patrol stop a car and find 16 balloons of heroin.

Live PD – Four Men and a Gun

In this video from Season 2, an officer with the El Paso Police Department stops and questions four men attempting to drive off in a car regarding shots fire....

Live PD – Xanax Drop

In this video from Live PD - 10.21.17, Officer Aaron Olson with the Jeffersonville Police Department investigates a woman acting suspiciously when her car's plates are run through the...

Latest Episodes

Live PD – A for Effort

In this video from Live PD - 03.06.20, Corporal Robert Furgal with the Richland County Sheriff's Department responds to a civil disturbance at a...

Sheriff Leon Lott Says Live PD Coming Back

Richland County Sheriff's Department Leon Lott said Live PD is coming back. Sheriff Lott was speaking at the Greater Cayce - West Columbia Chamber...

Live PD – Mr. Nasty No License

A driver with a suspended license gets mouthy when a Jeffersonville Police Department officer asks him to provide proof that he's able to drive...

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