Live PD January 2020 Updates

Live PD is back live in 2020 starting with the Live PD - 01.03.20 episode. As expected there have been a few changes to the departmental lineup. Most noticeable...

Is Jefferson County Returning to Live PD?

Is the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office returning to Live PD? The answer is maybe right now. Corporal Deanna Marshall confirmed via a Twitter post earlier this month that JeffCo...

Live PD Briefing – Week 4

We're a few weeks into 2020 and Live PD is off to a great start for the year. We've seen some new departments and officers, some departments taking a...

Live PD 11.08.19 News

In tonight's Live PD Roll Call, Dan announced that starting on the November, 15th episode (Live PD - 11.15.19) the show will be live in 12 departments. He also...
Tulsa Police Department

Live PD Contract Analysis

The Fourth Season of Live PD premiered on September 20th, 2019. In the Fourth Season of Live PD, there are two new departments featured, Missoula and Tallahassee. The Tulsa...

Live PD Permanently Cancelled

Dan Abrams announced tonight that Live PD has been permanently canceled by A&E Networks. There may be more news to come, but it doesn't look good for Live PD....

Bob Wellman Fund

We were contacted today by one of the paramedics in Richmond County, SC, regarding one of their own. Bob Wellman is a paramedic who recently suffered a cardiac arrest....

Live PD Season 4 Predictions

Live PD Season 4 will premiere in less than 2 weeks on Friday, September 20th. This is a highly anticipated season and here are some of the predictions we...

On Patrol: Live – Coming Soon

Live PD will be returning to TV in July 2022 as On Patrol: Live, airing on REELZ.

Dan Hints at a Live PD Return

Dan Abrams provided another hint on Monday (10/13/2020) that Live PD may be returning to TV. Dan shared a story on Twitter from the website about a 5-year...

Latest Episodes

Triple Play I | 04.19.24

Erratic doesn’t seem sufficient to describe an Arkansas car chase suspect in this weekend's (04.19.24) first Triple Play.

Triple Play II | 04.20.24

Suspects in Tampa involve authorities in a 140 mph car chase …but they’re not the only ones in this weekend’s (04.20.24) second Triple Play.

Triple Play III | 04.20.24

Shawshank Redemption + Scrubs = the final Triple Play of the weekend (04.20.24). A prisoner in Bernalillo County, NM, tries to make a high-flying...
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